Pichat is no longer supported. The chat-servers will be shutdown soon
here you can find a copy of the pichat-wiki.de :!: this site will also not longer updated!

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Pichat Wiki (en)

This Wiki is for Informations, Development, Featurerequest (Wishes) or only Ideas about using | Pichat |.
More Infos about Pichat you get at the official Homepage http://www.pichat.net
Please feel free to write in German or English (I hope someone will than translate it :) )

Have a look 8-O, ask :?:, talk LOL, meet friends 8-)
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Pichat, derived from Peer-to-Peer and Chat (the name comes from historical Pirates chat server and an employee at the IANA was meaning this is politically incorrect ;-) ), is a program for easy entertaining (chating) over the network, whether at home or worldwide on the Internet, plays no major role. It does not require a server somewhere on the network, since each Pichat is its own chat server and a separate chat client. So that everybody can communicate directly with each other. Ideal for home, at work and at LAN parties. Who wants or is behind a firewall, can use also a permanent chat server.

The Pichat-Software/Application runs within Windows and Linux and is expandable with Addons.




  • elektrisches Abwasserventil für Wohnmobil oder Wohnwagen → klick
    (Übersicht abwasserventil )


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